“WWII Dutch Harbor Scrapbook”

This story comes to us from Maureen, a niece of Fergus Ford Kelly: Ens. Fergus Ford Kelly was a naval aviator, probably arrived in the Aleutians after 15 Jul 42. He was at Dutch Harbor from about 16 Jul 1942 through 8 Aug 1942. He flew missions over Attu & Kiska while they were still occupied by the Japanese. His radar was shot out by the Japanese during a mission on 8 Aug 1942 causing him to fly back to Dutch Harbor in a blinding fog. He nearly made it, but when they came out of the fog at Dutch Harbor they didn't quite miss Mt. Mikashka (?). One of the survivors of the crash was a gunner who was blown out of a gun blister. The entire cabin crew died. I believe, from info on another site, that there may have been 2 survivors, including a Harley Miller. At the time of my uncle's death, the family was told virtually nothing other than that Fergus' plane had crashed.  He was buried in Alaska.   I'm hoping someone may have some information about that crash or knows someone who would.  I would appreciate any help you may be able to provide. I am trying to put together biographical information on him and have contacted the Navy for his records. I am really desperate to try and locate anyone who may have had first hand knowledge of the conditions, his mission, the crash or who, on a real long shot, may have known him or about him. If you have any information, please email Maureen at:   maureennet@aol.com    
Originally Published: 01/04/2013
Last Updated: 04/25/2017  14:17
Photo by Russ Marvin