“WWII Dutch Harbor Scrapbook”
Martos Levine (Lt. JG) served in the U. S. Navy at Dutch Harbor during the years 1942-1943. These are photos of life and some of the activities around Unalaska and its port Dutch Harbor during those years. Martos' son, Richard Levine, was kind enough to scan and share some of Martos' many photos with our visitors. These photos show a variety of people and engineering operations as well as location and building shots [some of the construction scenes are reminiscent of Ian Beaton's story as told on his Dutch Harbor Scrapbook page about the Seabees that were constructing roads in his area which required dynamite blasting. Several of Martos' photos depict this activity quite well]. [Note: If anyone can provide captions for these photos, it would be much appreciated! Visit our CONTACT page to send email to webmaster with captions. Looking for names to go with the faces and places...if you can help, please get in touch! George S.]
Original posting:  08/27/2006
Last Updated:  04/25/2017  15:10
Photo by Russ Marvin
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